Creating Your Backyard Sanctuary

Inhale. Exhale. The warmth of the sun, the sweet scent of nature and fresh air is healing and invigorating. A Pitell Home backyard is the perfect setting to create your own personal oasis, a backyard sanctuary. As lovely as it sounds, let’s be clear, this is work and does require a plan, but at the end of the day, after a day at the office or driving your kids from one activity to another, your backyard sanctuary is the perfect place to let it all go.

To get you started on your journey, let’s begin by asking a few questions. Do you have the capacity to create your backyard garden as a family, or will you hire a professional? Perhaps you will hire someone to help move big boulders or do the digging for a pond while you create the design? Maybe you’ll decide that you’ll have landscapers do it all from start to finish? Whatever you choose, this is your backyard sanctuary and it’s important to know what elements you and your family need to feel relaxed and peaceful. Is it the sweet smell of flowers? The sound of a waterfall? Birds chirping? Buzzing bees?

Everything feels better in your peaceful setting. Here you can journal, sketch, sit with friends and family. And then there are the environmental benefits to the planet. By building a backyard sanctuary you’re not only creating a healing and loving space for family and friends to enjoy, you’re also promoting a more sustainable biosphere.

Let’s talk a little about design. Some consider the four Bs a great place to start to think about their outdoor sanctuary  –– birds, bats, butterflies, and bees. Maybe you want to invite birds and bees only (of the four) to your outdoor oasis. Birds need shelter and a water source, and bird feeders are a great way to entice these creatures to your sanctuary. A pond or waterfall will hydrate the animals, promote plant growth,  and increase your property value.

Planting a variety of colorful flowers will attract different species. Both bees and butterflies love flowers. Purple, blue and yellow blooms attract bees, while birds are drawn to red and pink in addition to yellow and purple.

Creating a Japanese style garden or one that is simple and cozy, your Pitell Home will compliment any garden style of your choice. On cooler nights, an outdoor lantern or fire pit might be just enough to keep the chill off allowing you to linger outside a little longer after the sun sets. Of course, know the local ordinances in your neighborhood.

Do an assessment of your Pitell Homes backyard this weekend to determine the best backyard sanctuary for you and your family. It’s an activity that the entire family can create and enjoy together.

We would love for you to upload photos of your backyard sanctuary to share!