2017 Tech-Savvy Home Appliances

Take your Pitell Home to the next level with smart home appliances

International Home Builders show and the Consumer Electronic Show took place just last week and the products revealed at both shows are set to hit the market throughout 2017. We’ve compiled a list of cool trendy appliances that we think will set your Pitell Home apart from the rest! At Pitell we can add any exciting product to your new home! Electric blinds in a snap. An in-home spa? No problem! Check out the must-see products that our project manager Trapper the Bear approves of!


The Family Hub 2.0-

Samsung has launched their new Family Hub 2.0, an enhanced version of the Family Hub launched last year. This new version features a 21.5-inch LED touchscreen that allows family members to create their own profile using avatars or photos, a digital calendar, internal cameras so users can see what they need to stock up on when they are not home, the Groceries by Mastercard app and the Recipe app. Samsung has also partnered with GrubHub, Nomiku, Glymse, Ring, Spotify, and iHeartRadio to integrate the use of their apps into the Family Hub 2.0. This way the beats in your ears can be as fresh as the beets in your fridge.



LG CordZero-

Stick vacuum cleaners have been sold to consumers in the past but after doing some research, there are not many that can compare to the CordZero by LG. The battery-powered motor spins 16 times faster than the motor in an airplane engine and a telescoping handle to help you reach touch corners and spaces in your home. The anti-tangle technology reduces the amount of hair tangled on the brush so users can spend more time cleaning up messes and less time untangling their new CordZero.



WLabs Zera Food Recycler-

Tired of tending to your outside compost pile every day? Now the Zera Food Recycler by Whirlpool gives consumers an easy and convenient way to help reduce the amount of waste that they’re sending to the landfills by converting food waste in your own home. This green product fits right in with your kitchen counters with a sleek white and silver design. Zera can break down a week of the average family’s food waste within 24-hours, producing garden ready fertilizer in a fraction of the time it would take using the traditional method.



LG Sidekick-

If your schedule runs tight (like most of us) then maybe its time to invest in the washing machine that understands just that. The LG Sidekick features a front-loading washer and a smaller washing machine below for small loads. The lower washing machine is both time and energy efficient and perfect for small articles of clothing like yoga pants, gym shorts, and undergarments.